For those of you who run a outboard jet on your boat, there is some required maintenance to keep it functioning properly, and to assure that you can remove, adjust or replace needed parts if required. I am are not covering inboard jets in this article. I will not really go into the a lot of details here of history, how it works or installation as it is available on the manufacturers website listed below. The bulk of all the current outboard jets are made by Specialty Mfg Co. The jet units you find on the factory fitted motors, no matter what name is on the motor is made by this company. This Specialty Mfg company was started by Dick Stallman after he experimented with an idea in Dick is still with the company as of as their engineer. The refined product you see today is the result of his efforts.

Supercharger performance kit pulls 300+ horsepower from Kawasaki jet ski

These engines use Yamaha’s oil injec- Performance drops and engine wear tion system, which provides superior increases dramatically. Very slowly add engine oil to the oil tank. Stop pouring when the oil just reaches the bottom of the filler neck.

Page 1. SX Owner’s / Operator’s Manual Page 2. Sport Boat, please consult a Failure to follow WARNING instruc- Yamaha dealer. tions could result in severe injury or Because Yamaha has a policy of con- death to the machine operator, a tinuing product improvement, this prod- bystander, or a person inspecting or uct may not be exactly as described in repairing the Sport Boat.

But its always posted for info, so here goes. Now add a fuel stabilizer, I suggest the Yamaha brand, add it at gas station, now drive home, this will help “slosh it” around and mix it on the short drive home. Shut off water and blow out excess water for 10 seconds with a couple half throttle hits. Try and do this with the nose up slightly if possible. I think it’s best done now but it’s a personal choice really, but the engine is warm and the oil mixed around so just change it now if possible.

This is also a good chance for you to look over the ski well, look for damaged hoses, check to be sure clamps are tight, look for wear items, brackets, and things that may be damaged, loose or worn Give a good wipe down with a silicone lubricant on your front engine hatch rubber seal and on your rubber seal on the bottom of the seat also As long as you give an hour or two break between each blow out to avoid over heating engine.

An hour or so later do another final blow out, on the final blow out you should raise the front of your ski as high as you can when clearing water from the engine, this helps get it all out. Remember to not run engine for longer than seconds each time. I don’t use or suggest anti freeze on four strokes properly winterized. It’s not required, when you properly do everything else above including the blow outs of water, which you MUST do.

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Winterize your jet ski by draining it, cleaning it, filling it with gas, lubricating it, and storing it correctly. With your trailer securely attached to the back of your vehicle, slowly back your vehicle down the ramp until most of the trailer is underwater. Then get onto your jet ski, drive it up onto the trailer, and hook it to the trailer. Get back into your vehicle and slowly drive forward to safely remove the jet ski from the water.

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In addition to its exciting looks and styling, the AR sacrifices nothing when it comes to performance. Powered by twin Yamaha marine engines and featuring total horsepower, this boat delivers class-leading performance and hours of fun and exhilaration. An electronic speedometer and dual tachometers give you an exact read on speed and RPMs, two features that are essential for wakeboarding and skiing.

And exciting flame graphics, an eye-catching color scheme and an integrated aluminum wakeboard tower make the AR as exciting to look at as it is to drive. And each AR comes standard with a custom, matching painted trailer and a price tag that fits any budget. For , the Yamaha AR is available in a striking red color and graphics scheme.

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We have a large inventory of surreys – the four wheel family style bikes. For those who like getting their feet wet but want to go green, we have kayaks and Stand up Paddle Boards too! Find Us On Yelp! Upon your rental return we will validate your parking ticket so parking will be free! We will gladly gear you up so you can buzz around San Diego Bay with the wind in your face! Our dock is very close to the action so you will be at full throttle in no time flat!

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Failure to attach the cord could result in a runaway boat if the operator is ejected. Do not attach the cord to clothing that could tear loose. The starter motor will turn to start the engine. The engine will not start when the clip is re- moved from the engine shut-off switch. The starter motor will turn over without the cord at- tached. Page 37 Control function operation Neutral The shift gate is dropped down part way over the jet thrust nozzle.

Some jet thrust is to the rear and some jet thrust is redirected forward.

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Order yours today and get hooked up. Note; Not intended for use with Turbo or Supercharged engine builds. Entry level programs will allow the enjoyment of a raised RPM limit settings, advanced ignition timing, and re-calibrated fuel maps. The Ignition timing in each reprogram is developed to maximize performance with specific engine power enhancement kits matched to specific fuel octane levels.

There are several versatile performance levels to choose from that work with as a stand alone product, in kit form, or various bolt on parts. Programs offered are recreational performance tuned with safe AFR values, and can be further custom tuned Richened to accommodate increased or custom performance levels.

Now available an alternative to the OEM impeller housings that are known to warp and dimple. The original Yamaha impeller housing is constructed of cast aluminum with a thin stainless steel wear ring liner that is pressed into place.

Install stainless steel lines to headers. Install headers on engine. Make sure there is not a thermostat in the housing or any other type of water temperature control. Connect the T end to header. Lines to headers should be approximately 2″ long. The other lines from the thermostat housing are your by-pass line. The gate valve is necessary so that you can regulate the amount of water you discharge.

It also is to regulate what RPM your water is injected into the headers.

YAMAHA LS2000 Owner’s Manual

No refunds on canceled reservations or early returns. Renter assumes and accepts all risks associated with the use of the Craft. Renter shall at all times observe and adhere to any rules and guidelines posted by Company, and any applicable laws or regulations. There is no smoking permitted while on the Craft. There are no alcoholic beverages permitted on the Craft.

Extreme Max BoatTector Complete Stainless Steel Grapnel Anchor Kit for Small Boats, Kayaks, PWC, Jet Ski, SUP, etc. – lbs.

These machines are a hybrid between a water ski, power jet boat and a motorcycle and offer a fast and thrilling water experience. Both companies make many different models of personal watercraft that offer consumers the opportunity to ride standing, sitting, alone or with passengers. Sitting or Standing When Kawasaki developed the Jet Ski in the s, these early models were made to be ridden standing up; Yamaha designed the WaveRunner to be ridden while seated.

This is no longer true as of Different models offer different options. There is no digital panel on the Yamaha WaveRunner Superjet. The Yamaha WaveRunner Superjet only holds 4. Making a Choice Making a choice between a Yamaha WaveRunner and a Kawasaki Jet Ski is a personal decision, based on your own brand loyalties, the price you can obtain and the conveniences offered with the models available to you.

If, however, you are more motivated by convenience features such as larger gas capacity, storage options and digital panels, then the STX Jet Ski may be the right option for you. If you are looking to bring friends, or loved-ones along on your ride, the WaveRunner Superjet will not accommodate them with you, although you can take turns riding it individually whereas the STX Jet Ski will let you take passengers along for the ride.

She has been writing professionally for more than 15 years in scientific journals, including the “Journal of Criminal Justice and Behavior” and various websites.

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They are 2 stroke and require a little more maintenance. The oil tank has to be refilled just like the gas. Winterizing requires removing the spark plugs and pouring a few drops of oil in the cylinders and replacing the plugs, pouring stabilizer in the gas tank, and keeping the battery on a trickle charger and adding distilled water if neccessary.

boats will be inspected after each use for damages. repair for damages will be at renter’s expense. boats are not insured to go into the ocean.

It’s a compact, lightweight unit that packs real punch, with lively acceleration and great top-end power, plus the legendary economy and reliability you expect from a Yamaha. Designed for all-round handling and performance Designed for all-round handling and performance The smooth, quiet power, compact dimensions and light weight of the TR-1 engine, matched with the tough, durable and well-proven hull design, deliver a great mix of user-friendly handling, agility and balance.

It has a mechanical Reverse too, so it all adds up to maximum fun and control, even for less experienced drivers. HyperFlow jet pump – all the pressure you need HyperFlow jet pump – all the pressure you need Exhilarating handling and exciting performance have long been hallmarks of the Yamaha WaveRunner. The instant ‘bite’ on the water and acceleration are made possible by a combination of a high-flow intake, Hyper-Flow high-pressure jet pump and a stainless steel impeller, which runs within a precision-engineered housing.

Comfortable seating for up to 3 people Comfortable seating for up to 3 people The ergonomically designed, precision-made seat is a very secure and comfortable place to be – perfect for sports riding or cruising with up to 3 people. The unusually high comfort level will make you feel like it’s been custom-made to fit you. What’s more, there’s a very handy dry storage area underneath it. Large 50 Litre fuel capacity – for more fun time Large 50 Litre fuel capacity – for more fun time When you blast out on the EX Sport, you probably won’t want to come back too soon, so we’ve built in a tank with a larger fuel capacity 50 Litres than any competitive watercraft.

Which means your fun out on the water can last even longer – and you can cruise even further. Thoughtful – and typically Yamaha. Multi-function LCD instruments Multi-function LCD instruments Great-looking multi-funtion LCD instruments mounted in a stylish cockpit panel are not something you might expect on such a keenly priced, affordable watercraft – but you’ll find them on the EX Sport. It offers clear, easy-to-read Speedometer and Tachometer displays, as well as informative readouts for Fuel Level and Hours Run.

Great storage – with luxurious re-boarding and towing facilities Great storage – with luxurious re-boarding and towing facilities The EX Sport not only has a wet storage area in the bow, but a handy Glove Box and a spacious storage area under the lift-up seat.

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The all new design is off the chart, offering more room, ergonomic seating so much more, it’s like getting 5 boats in 1: A Pontoon boat, because it has so much room and so many great features you’ll think you almost in a pontoon boat, but it’s not your grandpas pontoon boat!!! A Ski boat, trim up and you leave almost no wake, 3. A Wakeboard boat, trim down and create a mountain of a wake, 4. A Fishing boat, Pop out the two front cup-holders and pop in the fishing seats and trolling motor, with tons of room for bait and live fish wells and all your gear

TO THE OWNER Thank you for choosing a Yamaha Jet Boat. This Owner’s Manual contains information you will need for proper operation, maintenance, and care.

Head shell is clear anodized for protection against corrosion. This head is completely sealed by orings, no head gasket required. Exhaust mount brackets are sold separately. Triple pipe exhaust mount bracket not available. This head is for the Yamaha powervalve engine only. Clear anodized for protection against corrosion. This is the head shell only.

Includes orings that fit into the grooves in the head shell,mounting hardware, and brass fittings. Domes are sold individually.

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