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Do you think Texas has become an easier place to live as a gay person? I think that the new generation of people is becoming more and more openminded. I love the fact that YouTube exists, specifically, because growing up, I remember being told what gay people were, or being told what other religions or other races were. But now, when I’m on YouTube, I have the ability to look at people and fall in love with people for who they are and not for the stereotypes that they are surrounded by. And so I think it’s really awesome because people can say all day long that gay, LGBTQ people are this and that type of person, but when a child goes online and they see someone like me, or [YouTubers] Joey Graceffa or Tyler Oakley or Connor Franta, and they say, well that’s not the person that my parents or other people have tried to make me believe that they are. Then they’re able to form their own opinion, and that way I think that we are going to eventually weed out what essentially is just a bunch of hate. I think eventually, after one more generation has gone, the world is going to be in a much better place because now everyone has a voice. And I just think that’s so awesome. And when I get to meet my fans and hear their stories of how my YouTube channel has inspired them to come out of the closet because of this, and now they’re the board member or they started an LGTB organization at their school because of my YouTube channel, that makes me so happy.

Kate Hudson, Connor Franta and Jess Cagle Honored at Los Angeles GLSEN Respect Awards

Share this article Share She leaves her current city of New York to visit her ageing father Atticus in Maycomb, Alabama, where memories of her childhood come flooding back – along with many of To Kill a Mockingbird’s original characters. But her homecoming turns bittersweet when she learns disturbing truths about her close-knit family, the town and the people dearest to her. It stands on it’s own,’ wrote one Amazon reviewer More than 31, readers voted this as the best fiction book.

One reader found the book particularly thought-provoking, posting on its Amazon reviews section:

Emily was a normal girl but had secrets. She was friends with o2l but not happens when Sam forces them to be friends.

Famous Youtuber Tyler Oakley is openly a gay, and almost everyone who follows this internet sensation knows it. But who is the Youtuber dating right now? He once did a boyfriend tag video but who is his partner? Tag along to know the answer to the question! Tyler Oakley’s Love Life: Now and Then Back in , when Tyler was speaking about his book “Binge,” he broke the silence on his love life and said that he was dating a man in his life, who he would like to get married.

But he once did a boyfriend tag video, and we are sure you all know what a boyfriend tag video is.

If My Phone Were a Person (ft. Connor Franta)

It may not seem like it right now, but you are going to be fine. After all, YouTubers now outrank traditional celebrities in the minds of teens and tweens. They spent years sharing their lives with fans, connecting to an audience and yes, building a brand based on authenticity , only to publicly come out on video.

Before you could find maybe a story about Rosie coming out, or Ellen. The ones that you found were so far removed from what a normal, everyday human from middle America might experience. He embodies that typical middle America coming out, right down to turning to YouTube to help inspire his own openness.

YOU ARE READING. Who to Love (A Connor Franta / O2L Fanfic) Fanfiction. When Our2ndLife, an extremely popular YouTube collab, gets a management team, they .

Then there’s this post that Tyler reblogged on his tumblr, it’s most likely about Connor. Is that supposed to mean something to serious, educated, adult professionals? Some kid on youtube has other kids on youtube who sometimes look at his homemade videos. No, actually, he doesn’t. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. I don’t hate this kid. I don’t even know who this kid is. Before I randomly clicked on this thread I had never heard of him.

Now that I’ve read it, I still have only a vague idea of who he is and what he does online. He seems like a cute young man who makes videos at home as a hobby. Being online famous is not the same as being famous-famous. Internet fame is a subset of real fame, easier to acquire and easier to lose.

Him *Connor Franta fan fic*

Bisexual man who won’t date other men because he hates gay men. At first when I saw his show I thought he was an actor plant, it just seemed too I can’t even put my finger on what was off about it but he didn’t seem real. There were clips of him with college friends but that seemed to be tangential. Then as time went on and we hear about his troubles in dating When suddenly boom one day we are introduced to a full on boyfriend who within a few more months becomes his fiance.

Connor Franta is a 26 year old American Personality. Born on 12th September, in Wisconsin, USA, he is famous for Our 2nd Life. Born on 12th September, Born: Sep 12,

Book 3 Listicle 5 reasons why all Nicholas Sparks books are the same. This is simply an outlet to rant. But is he really that creative? When time tore them apart, they lost all contact and Amanda got married. They soon reconnected and fell back in love. The Notebook is about a couple who were teenage sweethearts, irrevocably in love. When time tore them apart, they lost all contact and Allie got engaged. In both novels, when the couples were reunited once again, both men were described the same way.

They are all written in third person omniscient Understandable for an author to try to experiment with different points of view, Nicholas Sparks sticks with the same one for a lot of his novels. It gets redundant when picking up a new book and discovering that it is written the same exact way as a previous book. This shows how the reader can, in a way, sit above the plot and get information from every character about the events that are taking place.

This is a good way to tell a story because the picture painted in the reader’s mind is very clear.

Connor Franta

The front of the postcards feature his photos, both of himself and the things that inspire him, with the back answering questions from fans or relating anecdotes about the things that drive and influence him. Listened to from start to finish, the book tells a coherent narrative about Connor’s coming of age and becoming an adult and the ups and downs that are a part of that.

From bullying to dating to leaving home, this is an inspirational book for fans who are growing up and establishing their individuality. The various modes of communication in the book also reflect changes in Connor’s own use of technology over the last several years. A cross between an essay collection and a coming-of-age memoir, told in brief, the book is divided into sections, each beginning with a short introduction about what’s affected Connor growing up.

For example, a section on family begins with a short piece on Connor’s family and what he’s learned from them, so that his fans can get a greater insight into his life and learn something from it.

If you know anything about the Troye Sivan fandom, you know people are fifty shades of obsessed with his ~relationship~ with fellow YouTuber Connor even though one of the Australian’s friends said the YouTube ‘couple’ was “cute af,” no one ever actually confirmed that the pair was dating or that they broke up. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, Connor-Troye shippers.

The four top digital influencers became the first digital influencers to participate in Camp17 , a series of themed camps designed for fans — ages 10 to 16 — to interact and learn from their favorite YouTube stars. All three separate camps took place in August, with the final one wrapping up on Aug. Mills Entertainment, the producers behind YouTubers Lilly Singh and Oakley’s respective tours, said the idea was to really give fans an “immersive experience.

We produce variety shows, musicals, parties for club events — so to say we are now doing a summer camp is so different and so out of the box. When the camps were announced, thousands of fans freaked out on social media, expressing their interest on Twitter. Scholarships were also available to one in every 10 campers. It focused on self-empowerment and helping girls look and feel good from the inside out. Rienks said she and the campers ate dinner together, made friendship bracelets, talked about everything from their homecoming dresses to the boys at school they have crushes on.

One of her favorite moments was baking a peach cobbler with the girls.

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She was just sitting on the balcony with her legs crossed and her head down. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend tonight. I hope shes not mad at me..

Many fans believe Troye Sivan and Connor Franta are dating, despite a lack of more substantial evidence. It’s therefore no surprise that any new development in the #Tronnor relationship would immediately spread like wildfire.

Jude and Connor are at the house playing video games. Mariana then comes in and hands Jude the phone, saying someone wants to Connor as he hears a girl has called Jude. As Jude walks away, Mariana reveals to Connor how the caller is a girl and asks who he thinks it may be. Once Jude is back, Connor asks Jude who his caller was. Jude explains it was their classmate Maddie and how she asked him to the movies. Connor asks what he said and Jude says he would ask his moms first before letting her know in school the following day.

Connor then asks him if he likes her. Jude waits for a moment, before answering that he doesn’t in “that” way. Upon hearing this, Connor asks him if he is sure and Jude says yes.

Gay Youtubers Part 3: Reflections

Mark seems like the type to vote Republican. I can’t find it. I think because he realized people were calling him out for seeming bitchy and defensive. I’ve always gotten the vibe that Ethan would break up with Mark if anything.

Connor Franta made millions off being himself, and it’s only the beginning.

I’m so proud of you. I’m not a ‘fan’ of Connor Franta. I don’t watch his videos. The fact that I am not a ‘fan’ doesn’t mean in any way that I cannot be a part of this and express myself. For those of you who are not aware what I’m on about, watch this – http: Although it was physically, Connor discussed his personality aswell as his sexuality. However, by real defintion, coming out is ‘the experience of self discovery.

How many youtubers have you seen posting a video where they say ‘I’m gay,’ however they do not in any way justify or continue? I could tell you all my name, all my interests, all the facts about me, and it could be classed as coming out. Connor Franta’s video was good and bad in my opinion. I find it upsetting that these incredible people are being judged on their sexuality rather than their talent and personality.

The world is at a substantional stop point. No one should be afraid of telling everyone else who they are. Some of the things people have said to and about these people is disgusting and ignorant.

Connor Franta Comes Out as Gay in Emotional YouTube Video: “I’m So Happy With Who I Am”

Connor Franta On Business, Social Media Responsibility and Spreading the Love The social media star and entrepreneur opens up about using his own experience to inspire others. As his celebrity and success continue to grow, Franta’s connection to his rabidly dedicated fanbase has remained as pure and genuine as it was back in , when he uploaded his first YouTube video.

Connor quickly carved out notoriety for his channel with his quirky relatable weekly vlogs about life as a college student, as well as funny pop culture quips regarding music, movies and books. But it was a video he released in December that elevated Franta to a new stratum of stardom. In the heart-wrenching, six-and-a-half-minute video, Connor came out as gay — something he had kept from his fans for a long time. Since coming out, Connor has become an LGBT icon, using his humor and unique take on things as a way of helping his followers and fans many of them teenagers muddle through daily struggles together.

i finally got it im so happy connor franta a work in progress connorfranta garland mine i hate russian mail because i was waiting for it for 3 months!!!!! 50 notes Loading.

Connor Franta My Rating: Exploring his past with humor and astounding insight, Connor reminded his fans of why they first fell in love with him on YouTube — and revealed to newcomers how he relates to his millions of dedicated followers. In this diary-like look at his life since A Work in Progress, Connor talks about his battles with clinical depression, social anxiety, self-love, and acceptance; his desire to to maintain an authentic self in a world that values shares and likes over true connections; his struggles with love and loss; and his renewed efforts to be in the moment — with others and himself.

Told through short essays, letters to his past and future selves, poetry and original photography, Note to Self is a raw, in-the-moment look at the fascinating interior life of a young creator turning inward in order to move forward. Note to Self is a fast and easy read. Not only is this because of the format of pictures, poems, and short essays, but this book reads in a pretty casual or personable way. It is not meant to seem super planned out, rather what he was feeling at the time or almost, after being edited a lot to make those ideas better.

One aspect that did not bother me much, but I can see annoying others is Note to Self can get a little cheesy. He does acknowledge this at least once in the book however. Franta is a very talented photographer and this is apparent in the pictures interspersed with his writing.

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Fear of being rejected because of your sexual orientation can leave even the most typically self-assured person feeling depressed and alone. Now, imagine telling more than a million people who regularly hang on your every word—want to know what color underwear you have on, what your middle name is, and all about your summer vacations—that you’re gay. You might not recognize the name, but thanks to that strange way deeply personal accounts of the mundane though often charming lives of strangers can be both addictive and compelling, the channel has more than 3.

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How a kid from Minnesota conquered YouTube. The concept of turning fame into lifestyle branding is hardly new—ask the Kardashians—but for most YouTubers their trajectory often goes from successful video creation to garnering corporate interest, then maybe a book or movie deal, rinse and repeat. Franta grew up in small-town Minnesota, in a Roman Catholic family with two brothers and one sister. He only made it through two years before decamping to Los Angeles. He already had a YouTube account when he left for college, uploading his first video in the fall of his senior year at La Crescent High School.

It was a Harry Potter-themed birthday video where he imagined himself getting his long-awaited Hogwarts letter. If you want to go out on a Tuesday, why not? He attended VidCon —the hallowed, annual gathering of digital stars in Anaheim, California—as a fan instead of invited guest his first year, with only 20, subscribers supporting his channel at the time. Now he goes as one of the top creators, shuttled from place to place by security.

It reminds me of my roots.

12 Reasons We’re Convinced Troye Sivan & Connor Franta Are Dating! (TRONNER)