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Abe Davis and a team of researchers from MIT, Microsoft, and Adobe developed an algorithm that can extract audio from silent videos by analyzing the tiny vibrations of the objects as captured by a camera. In one experiment, the team filmed earbuds playing a song with no discernible sound. The vibrations of the earbuds in the video was enough to recreate a song identifiable by the app Shazam. When the team tried the experiment using an everyday point-and-shoot camera, as opposed to an expensive high-speed version, the vibrations were still able to reconstruct the sound. Davis presented these findings in a paper for Siggraph , a computer-graphics conference, and gave a TED talk where he demoed the visual microphone. The latest research from Davis and fellow graduate student Katie Bouman will be out this summer. Davis is a doctoral student at MIT. Alan Stern is spearheading the most important space mission of

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DNA is emerging as an excellent medium for storing data. Shipman et al, doi: Seth Shipman, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and firs author of the paper reporting the results in the journal Nature. The ability to record such sequential events like a movie at the molecular level is key to the idea of reinventing the very concept of recording using molecular engineering. In this scheme, cells themselves could be induced to record molecular events — such as changes in gene expression over time — in their own genomes.

FUTURE WOMEN ENGINEERS PROGRAM. For High School Students June , Sponsored by: The STEM Center for Women and Diversity Program Description This summer program was for female high school students.

Ziggy Eckardt It is very tempting to call you names, the way you do. I am 82 years old. Before coming to Canada I spent almost 8 years working on ships on the high seas. This included 2 tankers and several cruise ships. Canada was relatively uneventful, being flight crew for an international airline for 35 years. Matt in the Box Andrew Bolt is a racist cunt. Ian Plimer wrote a book called Telling Lies For God, now he tells lies for the benefit of resource companies and their shareholders.

Listing a long line of contrarians means you listen to people lying. Look at the data, and the graphs. Not only is it real. You are intellectually bankrupt. How the hell does you quoting the name of a right wing journalist, and a convicted transgessor of the racial discrimination act at that, disprove the peer reviewed science and the measured data? That, old man, is totally demented. You can calm down now.

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Though enslaved, he trained in France to become one of colonial America’s most accomplished chefs. Now, archaeologists have uncovered the kitchen where Hemings created his elaborate banquets, LiveScience reports. Researchers at Monticello are conducting a long-term effort, the Mountaintop Project, to restore plantation premises, including slave quarters, to their original appearance. Archaeologists excavated a previously filled-in cellar in the main house’s South Pavilion, where they found artifacts like bones, toothbrushes, beads, and shards of glass and ceramics.

ResearchGate is changing how scientists share and advance research. Links researchers from around the world. Transforming the world through collaboration. Revolutionizing how research is conducted.

Indeed, as far as we are aware there is very little practice of specifically tailoring social entrepreneurship education for scientists and engineers. This latter observation is, however, surprising, as some have suggested that a significant proportion of social entrepreneurs are scientists and engineers seeking to turn their skills to solve social problems. In addition, the funding and evaluation of scientific research increasingly requires discussion of social impact, a topic central to contemporary social entrepreneurship.

Although the popular image of scientists and engineers is that they are disinterested neutral observers there is a long tradition of scientists and engineers becoming embroiled in the role of science and technology within contemporary society. Bernal famously aroused the wrath of Karl Popper in the s with his calls for greater political oversight of scientific research, and in the late s the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science engaged in controversies such as university engagement in research into chemical weapons.

Social responsibility, we would argue, has long been a distinctive characteristic of many, even most scientists and engineers. Teaching them about social entrepreneurship and social enterprise will need to understand, work with and develop this tendency. The concept of social innovation, dating back to the s, broadly describes developing new solutions to social problems.

Scientists Discover a Mysterious Void in the Great Pyramid of Giza

They are an opportunity for students to verify understanding of the material so that class time can be used to solve example problems and homework assignments. Exams There will be an Excel mid-term exam, a Python mid-term exam, and the final exam. Exams will only be given after the scheduled date by special permission. Students with conflicts should arrange to take the exam prior to the scheduled date.

Jul 10,  · Scientists Capture First-Ever Photos Of Supermassive Black Holes in the Midst of ‘Hidden’ Galactic Mergers.

Hi, I’m a high school student who’s been strongly considering engineering as a career path. I’ve heard for awhile now that there are certain personality characteristics that most engineers have. What would you consider these personality characteristics to be, for engineering in general and for your specific field of engineering?

Thank you in advance! This way of thinking comes more naturally to some people than to others. The other half can be found in a huge variety of jobs, and they have a wide range of personalities.

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According to a Congressional Quarterly survey of the th Congress, there are just four engineers in the House and one in the Senate. When the engineering specialties in the — Statistical Abstract of the United States are combined, there are 2. One explanation for those discrepancies is that rapid technological change makes it hard for engineers to return from political office to professional life. In a interview with Technology Review, John H. Sununu, President George H.

Carbon dating is used to determine the age of biological artifacts up to 50, years old. This technique is widely used on recent artifacts, but educators and students alike should note that this technique will not work on older fossils (like those of the dinosaurs alleged to be millions of years old).

Objectives Big Idea It is not often that the general public has opportunity to informally chat with scientists, engineers, and social scientists; nor is it often that scientists, engineers, and social scientists get the opportunity to discuss their work with the general public in a social environment. This program facilitates these kinds of interactions in a thought-provoking and exciting forum.

Learning Goals Have questions about nanoscale science and engineering immediately answered by scientists and engineers actively working in the field; as well as consider questions about the societal and ethical implications with social scientists. Hear questions from other participants, having their own interest and understanding broadened based on questions they had not previously considered.

Discover that scientists often have questions of the general public, and perhaps be able to provide invaluable feedback to scientists and engineers as they continue their work. Nano Content Map Scientists and engineers have formed the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology by investigating properties and manipulating matter at the nanoscale.

Scientists confirm 3.5 billion-yr-old fossil life in rock

Other teams of scientists have reported even earlier signs of fossil life, going back 3. Some of the bacteria are now extinct, while others are similar to contemporary microbes. The tiny fossils were found in from the Apex chert deposit of Western Australia.

Sep 29,  · Do you have a “male” or “female” brain? Are there really significant brain differences between the sexes and if so, do these differences matter? .

The Engineer Personality Sufficient engineers have substantially the same traits that a stereotype personality has evolved depicting them – they are thought of as intelligent, logical, introverted but with poor communication skills and dress sense. Is that characterisation justified? Well er, yes – pretty well, since it’s not hard to find examples of the ‘nerdy’ engineer.

Naturally there are exceptions, the boundary between different personality types is fluid, but a good engineer is likely to have certain basic traits. Engineers are curious and enjoy discovering how things work and solving problems. Engineers use logic to examine ideas and develop theories and explanations. Engineers are able to concentrate intently on a subject. Engineers are perfectionists who are always looking for better ways of doing things.

Engineers want order and structure at work and in their personal life. Engineers enjoy discussion, debate and arguing , about their topic. Engineers appreciate and respect intelligence in others. They often have a good sense of humour.

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